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    CYW20719 in HCI mode




           I am using the CYW920719Q40EVB-01 evaluation kit

           I already finish the following items.


           1. Create a new project in WICED with just one file which is empty:

           #include "sparcommon.h"

           APPLICATION_START() {}

           2. Download this project from WICED onto your board.


           I could sending commands with CyBluetool, and received the correct event.


           11/28/19 18:09:19.115  com8 <c Reset

             HCI Command Complete Event


           [0E 04 ]: 01 03 0C 00

           event = 0x0E (14,"Command Complete")

           Num_HCI_Command_Packets = 0x1 (1)

           Command_Opcode = 0xC03 (3075, "Reset")

           Status = 0x0 (0, "Success", "Success")


           But if i use other UART console AP, sending the command "01 03 0c 00"

           Why i can't receive any feedback by UART console AP?

           Have any other setting or initial command to do?


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          Hi Jay Lee,


          UART console AP -> Can you please provide information about your host and how you are actually trying to communicate with the device?.


          Can you try following workarounds:

          1- Do hard reset and then connect the HCI port. After that send HCI reset.

          2. Do Recovery and try sending the HCI command.

          Recover steps: Reset the board while you are pressing the Recover button and then release the recover button.





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