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    Renaming a Project ModusToolbox


      Hi All,


      I noticed in the Eclipse Survival Guide that the question response as follows:


      "How do I rename an application?

      Give it a name as you create the application. After creation, the application cannot be easily renamed in the IDE."


      Has the answer to this changed at all? I would really enjoy being able to "safely" and "easily" rename a project. Right now if I right click on a project and rename it all the build links/shortcuts go away. So I am assuming some manual reconfiguration will be needed to rename a project?


      Everything has been a chicken and an egg so far with ModusToolbox. No easy way to create a clean project without starting from an example project which of course already has its own name. Then use device configurator etc... to get it to match our custom design. Why are such UI/UX 101 ignored so far up to a 2.0 version of the software?





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          Yes there is some manual configuration needed. You can rename a project from inside the ModusToolbox IDE by right clicking on the project in the Project Explorer and selecting "Rename". This renames the project as it shows up in Eclipse but it does not change the names of the folders in the filesystem.


          You will notice that after a rename, the Launches section in the Quick Panel will be empty. The launches can be recreated from the command line in the following manner:

          (1) Go to "<modustoolbox install dir>\tools_2.0\modus-shell" and run "Cygwin.bat"

          (2) Navigate to the application directory which contains the Makefile using

          >> cd "<path to application dir>/<application_name>"

          (3) Run the following command to recreate the launch configs

          >> make eclipse CY_IDE_PRJNAME="<new project name>"

          Note that the new project name should be same as the one provided during the rename operation inside Modus IDE.


          (4) You should observe the lines in the console



          Now launch ModusToolbox IDE and everything should be visible and in order.


          We will try to make this process easier in the upcoming releases. Thank you for the feedback and interest in Cypress products.




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            Hi Dheeraj,


            Thank you for the response. What about renaming the folder that the project is actually in? Is there something to look out for there or can I just rename the folder in windows when the project is closed and then restart? Also, what about the "extra name" in the project name that shows up in square brackets?





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              If you rename the folder outside of ModusToolbox, you will notice the change in the folder name inside ModusToolbox when you open it. But the launch configs will be missing because the eclipse project name has still not changed.


              The extra name in square brackets is basically pointing to the github repo which was used to create the application.