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    Update Manager behaviour


      Hi there. Brand new User - beware!!!

      Got my proto kit yesterday - the CY8CPROTO-063-BLE, so big learning curve ahead.

      Just finished downloading the PSOC Creator v4.2.

      I had an issue with my 'Hello World' program which suggested that my environment was not up to date, and so I launched Help/Update Manager. This then caused some bizarre behaviour - it suggested that the PDL library was out of date and that v3.03 was required. I expected that the Update Manager would then take care of that, but no, it required to download an executable that then had to be run offline, together with new documentation.

      Once that operation had completed, it automatically ran Update Manager again - and then declared that PDL v3.04 was available. This was getting tiresome!

      Once that operation had completed, I was looking forward to getting back to the original issue, but no, apparently PDL v 3.1.0 was now available. I started to look around for the hidden cameras at this stage.....


      Once PDL v3.1.0 was installed, it seems to have gone quiet for a while - my point is that this is somewhat bizarre behaviour is it not? Apart from the sequential update issue, my expectation was that the Update Manager would have handled any required updates??


      Oh, and my original issue remains, but I shall attempt to find the right place to post that.


      Any comments/feedback on this welcome.



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          Hi bobr_4578846,


          I am sorry that you faced this issue.

          Yes, Update Manager downloads the PDL version sequentially


          A better approach would be to manually download the PDL version that is required for the Kit/Code Example. This will be mentioned in the Code Example documentation as seen in the image below. Clicking on the link will directly take you to Cypress PDL web page.

          Can you please attach a screenshot of the error that you are getting so that we can debug the issue?


          As you are using a PSoC 6 device it is recommended to use our latest software, ModusToolbox 2.0 to work with your device.


          Hope this helps,

          Thanks and Regards,

          Rakshith M B

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            Thank you Rakshith.

            The suggestion to use ModusToolbox is an interesting one, and I'm keen to understand why you would suggest that?   At present, and as a brand new user to PSoC and Cypress, I've been trying to follow the training material provided - in this case from Alan Hawes with his PSoC6 Tutorial 101. What could be more basic than that?  All things being equal I'm not sure of the point of having two IDE - is there a comparison of the pros and cons anywhere?


            I mentioned that I am having some basic problems, and since you asked, I would refer you to 'community.cypress.com/thread/50831' for the detail on the issues. (NB for some reason this community blog will not allow me to paste the full URL, so please add the 'https://' to the front of the above).


            So, your suggestion of using ModusToolbox is intriguing - are you suggesting that this is a more robust tool to use as an IDE?


            Many thanks


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              Hi bobr_4578846,


              I went through your thread and I see that you are now able to program your device. Glad it worked . Feel free to create new thread if you face any other issue. We will be happy to help you.


              To answer your question, ModusToolbox is our latest, more advanced Eclipse based IDE. It introduces the concept of Hardware Abstraction Layer and Board Support Package to abstract your code from your device. It has an easy to use Library Manager and any version of the libraries can be easily used and managed. ModusToolbox provides more control over the firmware that is generated by the IDE and so on.

              You can refer to the following links for further information regarding the features of ModusToolbox -

              1. ModusToolbox 2.0 Available Now!

              2. https://www.cypress.com/products/modustoolbox-software-environment


              Thanks and Regards,

              Rakshith M B

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                Many thanks for constructive response. My reservations, as a new user, are that the training videos I was watching (for PSoC6) were focussed on PSoC Creator. It's a steep learning curve anyway, so you can imagine there's a reluctance to go learn another tool that appears to be doing the same thing as the one you just started learning....


                I'll go and research the links provided. With luck I might find a recommendation from Cypress ( a hint for where future resources will be invested would be invaluable),  and a functional matrix to show the benefit of making the decision on which IDE to select.


                Either way, I'm delighted to have got past base zero and starting work on projects!


                Thanks for your support.