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    SDK3.1 tranfer to SDK3.2 or SDK3.3


      Hi. cypress


      in my customer side, they use CYPD 3171 design in power bank and software is SDK3.1 ver. go to pp. you current find the an issue with apple 30W power adapter, need update the lib/CCG3pa/ libccgx_pd.a and libccgx_pd3.a at SDK3.2 ver.(sdk3.3 ver is lib/ccg3pa/libccgx_cablecomp.a,libccgx_pd.a;libccgx_pd_src.a;libccgx_pd3.a;libccgx_pd3_src.a). when I use the newly 3.2 lib and building it , it is appear issue as below pic:



      My question: 1) where can I look for the current SDK ver. information via psoc creator software?

      2)How can I transfer from SDK3.1 to SDK3.2 or SDK3.3, whether do you have the document to intruduce it.

      3)whether do you relese newly apple 30W lib base on SDK 3.1 ver. or not?



      flance fang