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    Community Translation - AN88619 PSoC 4 Hardware Design Considerations


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      AN88619 - PSoC 4 Hardware Design Considerations

      Link: https://www.cypress.com/documentation/application-notes/an88619-psoc-4-hardware-design-considerations


      Only Translation from English to Japanese - Open


      I would like to request contribution to translate AN88619 in Japanese.

      Please acknowledge in this thread as a response if you want to translate this AN for the community


      Point given for AN translation will be posted at main page in Community translation.


      Source file is attached, please download the source file to translate.

      After translation is done, please submit the translation AN as a response in this Thread.

      Translated KBA will be reviewed by internally.


      Guideline for translation : JENA input a note in source file

      -> Don't need to check the link (Link validation will be checked in internal review)

      -> Don't need to translate figure image

      -> Translate figure title and figure table, if it's possible to translate.

      -> Amount of translation in AN is larger than KBA, no rush to work on it. Please take enough time, to translate well content.


      If you have any question, please response to Thread.


      Thank you

      Jenna Jo