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    Installed 3.3.1 and it has internal build errors

      After installing Wiced SDK 3.3.1, I open the workspace that comes with the installation, and there are build failures in tools/makefiles/wiced_config.mk complaining about unknown components and no rule to make build/Default/config.mk


      This is a fresh install, nothing custom, just a pure out of the box failure.   I cannot build my 3.1.2 project that I put into the workspace because the workspace support isn't building.


      Is there some update or some work around?

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          May we know what platform you are using you are using so we could try and reproduce the problem. If you are using the BCM943364WCD1, please make sure you put "download_apps" in your makefile name.


          Here is an example makefile name:

          snip.scan-BCM943364WCD1 download download_apps run


          Hope this helps.



          Arsh Buch

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            Also try F5 in Eclipse to get all the Apps and Platforms to populate.

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              I am using the BCM943341WCD1 platform, but this does not seem to be relevant to the problem I am reporting. 

              When I do the install of the 3.3.1SDK, and launch for the first time, I get a pop up window complaining of numerous Java errors.  If I reboot my pc and start again, it will eventually launch without those errors.  I am not installing over an existing installation, this is a fresh install.


              Once eclipse comes up, the Wiced workspace tools/makefiles/wiced_config.mk  is noted as being in error.  This is not the case when I install the 3.2.1 SDK.  This has nothing to do with my project, the workspace as delivered in the install does not work.  It is also interesting that on install, when I set the workspace to the workspace delivered in the installation, eclipse indicates that that workspace was created in a different version and needs to be updated, and asks for confirmation to do the update.  Accepting this is the only way forward or you can do nothing with the workspace.  Possibly something in the conversion is breaking the workspace's ability to build.


              So back to the BCM943341WCD1, the starting point is that wiced_config.mk is broken before any reference to my platform.  I then tried to build my BCM943341WCD1 project that I brought over from my 3.2.1 installation, and it does not build.  I have to re-install the 3.3.1 SDK to review what errors specifically, but I do remember that it complained it could not find bluetooth in the build errors.   Perhaps the download_apps would help with that.

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                Regarding the Java VM errors, which version of Windows are you running? 64b? If yes, make sure you manually install the 32b JVM as this is the one that our Eclipse instance will look for when it comes up. Both the 32b and 64b environments will live together on the same machine with no issues.

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                  I removed my Java installation.  I then installed the 32bit JVM.

                  When I launch the IDE, I get:


                  "Jave was started but returned exit code=13"


                  and the IDE does not come up.


                  Eclipse indicates its is 64bit so I installed the 64bit JVM and now the IDE comes up, and I am back to the original problem I reported.


                  I pulled over my 3.2.1 project and built it, with the same target definition and it successfully built, and the broken tools\makefile\wicked_config.mk error was automatically fixed.  


                  So the 64bit JVM is necessary to stop the Java errors, and to let eclipse start up.

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                    I resolved the JVM issues and am back to running the 3.3.1 SDK with my project.  After building one of the targets predefined in SDK installation that cleaned up the broken makefile so it was no longer marked as in error, I brought in my bluetooth scanner app from the 3.2.1 SDK and built the target.


                    It re-broke the tools\makefile\wiced_config.mk and I get the following error in my project build:


                    Can't open perl script "./tools/makefiles/fetch_component.pl": No such file or directory

                    tools/makefiles/wiced_config.mk:265: *** Unknown component: bluetooth - directory or makefile for component not found. Ensure the bluetooth directory contains bluetooth.mk.  Stop.


                    make: *** No rule to make target 'build/Nortek_gateway-BCM943341WCD1/config.mk', needed by 'main_app'.  Stop.

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                      Edit:  When I built what I thought was my project, I actually built one of the example projects.  When I built my 3.2.1 project, it failed complaining as follows:


                      Can't open perl script "./tools/makefiles/fetch_component.pl


                      indeed, this file does not exist in the SDK.

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                        Sorry to put you through the trouble.  For the two years I've been here, the installer always required the 32b Java environment and users of the 64b OS would always need to make sure that the 32b Java environment is installed.


                        There are dozens of threads scattered throughout the forums (Wi-Fi and Smart, both use Eclipse) that discuss this limitation.


                        However, it appears that this is no longer the case, which I guess is good news.

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                          I verified with the developers that we’ve improved the installer to be 64bit compatible with this release.


                          The Eclipse installation is also multi-OS compatible, so in theory you can copy the Eclipse directory to Linux or OSX machines and it should still work.