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    Is connection done?




      I want to confirm central(A: with hello_sensor demo) to connect to pheriphy(B: with hello_client demo) and transfer data with pheriphy.  So I add scan function to hello_sensor.example to searched the B, then wiced_bt_gatt_le_connect to the B. But it seems that is not successful because B no any connection comming in the log(If I use app in mobilephone to connect to B, there is related log). But wiced_bt_gatt_connect status is 1. I don't know why.

      Below is my code

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          Hi Treacy,


          I do not understand your query.

          You are referring A as central then it should have hello_client code running on it. If A is central and B is peripheral (with hello sensor code), then in B's scan callback function you will search for A and then connect to it.

          I am not able to understand your code, please elaborate more.

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            Sorry, I got misunderstanding of hello_sensor and hello-client. I'm retesting and seems ok. But I can't understand the communication sequence clealy. Who initiate connection firstly? Who initiate paried? How to get the keys? Do you have a clear spec to introduce all of these?

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              I test connection is OK. But notification seem not ok? master conn_id and ccc should be 1 if notification is ok?

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                Hi Treacy,


                The conn_id should be 1 after connection is successful.

                I would suggest you to go through the functions & APIs in both hello sensor and hello client projects; Also check the details of those functions in wiced_bt_dev.h file. It explains about the pairing, bonding related functions.

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