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    Feature Request: "Uses" Connection


      Hi Cypress Dev-Team,


      I'd like to (again) request a feature that I would find very useful: "Uses" Connections in PSoC Creator's Schematic Editor. See attached Screenshot.


      The Idea is simple:

      Let's imagine a "Uses" port called "Comm" on some component, like Bootloader in the example, which can be connected to some other component. In the example, it is connected to an "USBFS" component instance. This simply causes the Component API Customizer to replace all `$Comm` strings in the Bootloader API by the instance name of the connected component, "USBFS".

      That's all! Simple, but pretty, isn't it?


      Of course, this is already possible by using component parameters (like "ioComponent" parameter of the Bootloader component), but I believe that a visible representation in the Schematic Editor would significantly increase usability!


      Thank you for your ongoing effort on this great software!