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    Unknown USB Device (Link in Compliance Mode) error code 43/22


      hello all.

      I am using cypress ITEM - CYUSB3314-88LTXI, in my design, when connecting the design with the CYUSB3314-88LTXI as a hub to the computer HOST , I am receiving the next errors - Unknown USB Device (Link in Compliance Mode). followed by error code in the window in the device manager - code 43 and sometimes code22 ???


      the USB2 -HUB  identified well - device manager writes - generic USB hub ,and in the status window write - device works good.

      the problem is with the superspeed USB, it is showing, (in the device manager) this is a superspeed device, but the problem is as described above ???


      does anyone know what can be the root cause for this issues, and how to fix this ?

      I am using window10.