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    USB Host support


      Is the PSoC6 ever going to have USB Host support?

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          Hello Sean,


          PsoC 6 has USB Host support.

          Please refer to the section 28 Universal Serial Bus (USB) Host of the PSoC 6 Architecture TRM for more details on this: https://www.cypress.com/file/420571/download

          The USB subsystem in PSoC 6 MCUs can be configured to function as a USB host. The USB host in the PSoC 6 MCU supports both full-speed (12 Mbps) and low-speed (1.5 Mbps) devices and is designed to be complaint with the USB Specification Revision 2.0

          The section also mentions the settings required to configure PSoC 6 as USB Host.


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            Sorry, I should have been more specific. I realize the PsoC 6 has the hardware capability, but there does not appear to be any driver support or examples available for host mode. The last time this question was asked, the response was 'later in 2018': USB Host / Device stack implementation supporting connecting to a HID device using PSOC6.

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              I am sorry that our communication on this has not been good. The team that we hoped would work on the development of a USB Host has been repeatedly moved onto other priorities. What has become clear is that we (Cypress) should not be developing our own stack - the scope for USB Host is just too large. We have decided to work with a software partner because we are convinced that it will) be the quickest route to a solution for our customers, b) provide the full set of drivers for a wide range of peripherals and c) be a high-quality, fully-supported product. We are working with partners right now to scope the effort, timeline and support options. We hope to have software available around the middle of this year bu that is not a committed schedule at this time.

              Regards, Mark Saunders.