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    KitProg3 power control


      A PSoC 63 BLE-416045-02 in the CY8CPROTO-063-LE is mounted on an adapter board that supplies 3.3V to the board.  The problem is how the kitprog3 port settings should be set up in PSoC creator 4.2.  I could not find documentation that explains the dialog box.  It says "Select Digital Source if Kit has it.".  What does "Kit" refer to?  It has the voltage selection (3.3V is obvious choice) and an On and Off selector.  While running the board unattached to the adapter, "Off" is chosen.  But should "On" be chosen when on the adapter?

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          Can you please attach the screen capture of this issue? What is the LEDs status on board when this issue occurred?

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            This is not yet an issue.  I want to know what the dialog settings should be so that the KitProg3 does not apply voltage on the VTARG line.  I would like to know this before I apply the power to the adapter and also have the KitProg3 plugged into a USB.

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              That Settings won't do anything on this KitProg, as the regulator is not controlled by the PSoC5 of the debugger.


              By default it will always output 3.3V and this can only be changed by hardware modifications (resistor values in the feedback line).

              Switching the power on or off is also not supported.


              This setting was implemented for the CY8CKIT-062 kits and the MiniProg debuggers.

              The Prototyping kits are cost sensitive and thus this feature was not added.




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                Thanks.   It looks like the solution is then to separate the KitProg3 board and then use a 5 pin connector with pin 1 (VTARG) not connected. Right?

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                  If you want to power the board with 3V3 volts all the time, you could still keep the VTARG connection. There is a reverse current protection on the kitprog.


                  If you want to power the board with less than 3V3 you might change the regulator output voltage to a lower voltage like 1.8V.

                  Otherwise the debug pins will still be driven by the 3V3 and that could damage the device if the PSoC runs at a lower voltage!

                  Removing U2 or U3 and making it a passive Kitprog would work as well.



                  Other option would be to use the Kitprog from CY8CPROTO-062-4343W for programming, here the Kitprog is already passive and VTARG pin does not provide power. The 5V from USB go through a trace to the main board where the 3V3 regulator is located and than back to the Kitprog. If you snap it off there is no power going out of the Kitprog.



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                    Thanks.  That makes the design pretty clear.