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    The status of the PMODE [2: 0] setting when the mode is not described in the data sheet.





      Please let me know what happens if they switch to the following mode due to human error.

      ①PMODE [2: 0] = 111

      ②PMODE [2: 0] = FFF



      Looking at the TRM pull up and pull down registers, the initial value is 0: 1: 0 for both UP and DOWN.What state is it in?

      It would be helpful if you could give an example of the answer as shown below.

      (Example)The terminal after reset is in the state of ○○, so  above ①  is in △△ mode, ② may be in □□ mode, but do not set


      By the way, in ①, it becomes 10/10 times in USB Boot mode. ② Then, I2C mode has been turned 10 times.


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