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    UDB support in Modus


      It feels like interest for UDBs is declining because of the lack of tools which supports UDBs for PSoC6.


      I think this is really sad. I see people struggle to find the right SCB setup and settings. SCBs are very restricted in every way compared to UDBs.


      Just some examples of why anyone should love UDBs:

      • you can route the UDBs to any GPIO (no restrictions where to put SDA/SCL, RX/TX, PWMs etc.)
      • you can fit as many components into PSoC until you run out of resources (I did some projects with 48 PWM blocks and 12 UARTS)
      • you can create your own FPGA like functionality in these UDB blocks (I made some proprietary serial data en-/decoders)
      • Cypress made a huge library of UDBs components with very interesting functionality (glitch filter, quadrature decoder, PRiSM to name some
      • UDB logic is extremely fast, you can implement protection circuits with almost instant response (power supply controllers)


      Over 90% of my PSoC designs uses UDB functionality and it's the reason why I love PSoC.


      That said, I hope Cypress still will invest in UDB support. I migrated two components (UART and I2C) to PSoC6 in literally a few hours and I can not understand why Cypress did not implement (it's more a matter of enabling) these in PSoC Creator. I mean, it's just there, the fabric is already inside PSoC6. It sure costs some money to put the logic in and now it's not being supported.


      Here's an example of I2C UDB implementation (SCL/SDA can be routed to any GPIO you like). As well as a SDI-12 (UART) implementation (IoT) without the need of external inverters.

      Schermafbeelding 2019-11-24 om 12.52.49.png

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          Hello Rolf,


          At present we do not have immediate plans to support UDB in Modustoolbox.

          We currently have some other features/fixes being implemented and should anything change regarding your request,

          you will be the first to know. But definitely this is something we will look into to make sure your experience remains seamless when using our products.


          Best Regards



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            I'm in agreement with Rolf.


            My formal educational background is as a HW engineer.   I originally designed with CPUs interfacing with discreet logic gates and eventually migrated to PLDs and PGAs.  I loved it when I started to use PLDs and PGAs.  It allowed the defining of HW using a form a SW.

            When I started SW programming on MPUs, I noticed that much of what I wanted to do was limited in scope and performance based on peripherals available in the MPU.   These constraints give me a better understanding on how a good HW design can make the job of SW easier, faster and potentially more robust.


            When I started using the PSoC1 series MPUs I was amazed on the flexibility of Digital and Analog functions.

            When I started using the PSoC5, I loved the greater flexibility of the UDBs and the digital and analog routing.   With this series, I was able to optimize my designs for performance as well as minimize SW because I was able to create sophisticated HW state machines easily, quickly and the configurable IO allowed me to debug a design-in-progress much quicker.


            I realize that there is a price/marketing cost to the flexibility of the PSoC5 and the goal is to make the PSoC6 more marketable.  Please consider a future sub-series of PSoC6s with the flexibility of the PSoC5.


            I will continue to evangelize the the PSoC product line to my colleagues.