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    A way to list bonded devices


      I know that lesmpkeys_numOfBondedDevice() returns number of bonded devices. but is there a way to get a list of those devices addresses ?



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          #if 0
          //This will override BondedInfo with last index.
          //This should not be called unless debugging purpose
                      LESMPKEYS_BOND_IDX *bondedIndexBlock;
                      extern UINT8 lesmpkeys_maxBondedDevices;
                      //lesmp_logBytes("\rFind Bonded Info:", bdAddr, 6);
                      bondedIndexBlock = (LESMPKEYS_BOND_IDX*)lesmpkeys_getBondedInfoIdx();
                      if (bondedIndexBlock)
                          LESMPKEYS_BOND_IDX *curPtr = bondedIndexBlock;
                          for (i = 0;i < lesmpkeys_maxBondedDevices; i++)
                              ble_trace3("index:%d, adrType:%d, idx :%02x", i, curPtr->adrType, curPtr->idx);
                              ble_tracen(curPtr->address, 6);
                              // move to next block.
                              curPtr ++;

          Please take a look at this code.  it can be found wiced-smart->bleapp->app->blebgm.c->L1340



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            Hi shyoc_2185486


            Have you had a chance to try the code?



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              Hello kwang,

              Well,  actually I didn't try it. seeing the warning in the comment and since my code will be a production code delivered to customers I didn't want to add any unknown side effects.