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    About Bootloader v1.60 specifications




      (1) I2C communication buffer size in Bootloader

      Users are creating a Bootloader with an I2C interface to update PSoC Firmware via an external MCU. Firmware update has been confirmed to work properly. At this time, in Bootloader_Start (), a fixed-size buffer of 64 bytes is allocated as the I2C communication buffer.

      Is it possible for the user to change the Bootloader I2C buffer size? (Size larger than 128 bytes)


      I found I2C buffer size definition in I2C_Slave_BOOT.h.

      #define I2C_Slave_I2C_BTLDR_SIZEOF_READ_BUFFER   (64u)

      #define I2C_Slave_I2C_BTLDR_SIZEOF_WRITE_BUFFER  (64u)


      (2) About obtaining bootloader version information

      As a method to get the metadata (Appllication version, Application ID, Application custom ID) of the Bootloader component, the customer can get the value by executing the Get Metadata (0x3C) command of Bootloader Commands while entering Bootloader.

      Is it possible to get these meta data from the Bootloadable project?

      The customer wants to get these metadata information from the host MCU after Bootloadable_Load.


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