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    OTA process not rebooting




      I've looked a lot inside the forum about the OTA process but unsuccessfully, I did not found my answer...


      I've wrote an application which load a tcp client located in FR_APP on a BCM943362WCD4_EVB.

      This app located in FR_APP is receiving chunck of a file and writing it on the APP0 location.

      When I received all chuncks, I reboot the wiced.


      Initialization :

      - wiced_framework_app_open

      - wiced_framework_app_get_size

      - wiced_framework_app_set_size

      - wiced_framework_app_get_size


      Chunck writing :

      - wiced_framework_app_write_chunk


      Rebooting :

      - wiced_framework_app_close

      - wiced_framework_set_boot


      My problem is that, as I change the boot configuration, the module never reboot and I'm obliged to reflash it to work properly.

      Moreover, I looked trough the internal flash, and nothing has been wrote at 0x0800C000


      Any help would be appreciated,