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    warp7 board FMAC support


      I have a client using the warp7 board with murata 1DX module with Cypress/CYW4343W.



      Is this supported with the latest FMAC driver?  I built a kernel with the latest FMAC [2019-10-31] following the README for Linux Stable v4.14.77 but when I run it I get an error in the log that it failed to load the firmware .bin file and I don't see the wireless come up.


      If I build with the freescale community bsp (Yocto thud) which supports the board (imx7s-warp), I get a linux 4.20.0-rc6 kernel with a brcmfmac driver, is that just an older FMAC driver?


      This is similar to this discussion post by GrahamS_21 which is locked but was not answered publicly.


      imx7s-warp fmac support

      "I have a customer trying to use the iMX7s-warp board, which has a type-1dx module (CYW4343W)


      Our latest FMAC driver and firmware supports kernel 4.1.15 which has no MACHINE imx7s-warp


      They imported the Yocto meta-layer for the imx7s-warp from another BSP but this overrides the preferred kernel and pulls in 4.1.32 in which then it becomes a kernel source/header file headache for FMAC.


      The current Yocto BSPs all support the imx7s-warp ( 4.1.32 up ) and have the bcmdhd and brcmfmac drivers within, the brcmfmac doesn't actually work but as it's close to FMAC as far as I know - it may be a good starting point for a possible port?


      Can we provide some guidance on how to enable this feature? for reference this works ok on the iMX7d board, just not the WARP one."


      We want to use the latest driver to help diagnose or prevent some connection issues that were observed with an older kernel and driver.