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    Tag 3 board never work with battery


      I have tag3 board and I am trying to run it with battery but I did not make it happen. I was downloading hello_sensor from wiced sdk into tag 3 it was successful downloading and it is successfully make pair with my iphone on USB power. When I installed a CR2032 3V battery it is not detected by my iphone I tried several times it never work. One thing I noticed wired that whenever I download a new program in tag board it is detected by iphone by USB power when I removed USB cabel and install it back it never making pair. Kindly reply me with some suggestion. Thanks



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          Hi msiddique,


          Couple suggestions for you.


          1. don't press the reset button between the time you download the firmware and put in a coin cell, you will have to redownload the firmware if this happens

          2.  make sure your two switches on the bottom of the board (SW3 and SW$) are both set to VCOIN

          3.  make sure you set all of the SW4 switches to off


          After rereading your post, sounds like it is #3, you need to set the tag3 in app mode.  The firmware will run with you download it in HCI mode but only right after you download it.  If you unplug it, you will have to put the device into app mode to run again.



          Hope this helps!


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            Hi Kevin


            Thanks for your reply yes its no. 3 now working fine.