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    HX3 design shows EEPROM Status NOT CONNECTED


      I have a design based from the CY4609 RDK board.  When I try to use the Blaster Tool to program the firmware and settings it says the EEPROM is not connected.  Does the EEPROM need to be programmed with the firmware offline or can it be programmed using the Blaster Tool as a flash.  The tool does see the HX3 just not the EEPROM and Windows sees the device as a hub.

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          Here is a screen capture from HX3 Blaster Plus.  The EEPROM has not been programmed with the firmware yet.  I can put my scope on the SCL and SDA traces and see what looks like appropriate data.  Is the software looking for something to be present on the EEPROM?  As you can see the buttons are not enabled because the software doesn't think the EEPROM is present.  Does the EEPROM need something in it for the software to say its there since it looks like data is moving back and forth.USB Hosts, Hubs, Transceivers

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            The EEPROM can be programmed with the Blaster Plus tool. In your case, the hub comes up with PID of 0x6503 which could happen when the EEPROM is blank and the boot mode is set to I2C master mode. Please refer to this KBA.


            Could you kindly set the boot mode to internal ROM mode and then use Blaster Plus to program the EEPROM? The hub should be coming up with a USB 2.0 PID of 0x6506 and after binding to vendor driver, it will be visible on Blaster Plus with the same PID.


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