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    FX3S- FatFs file create problem




      I am using PACTRON'S FX3S FPGA Dev Board REV-C. I try to create a new file in SD card using cyfx3s_fatfs example project. I am using only one storage port (s0 port). I connected a SD card to the board and that will mount without a problem. However when I try to create a file using f_open() function, it seems like it enters the function but never comes out.

      I am using UART configuration only for debugging purpose, And I check the code using CyFXUartPrint() . It seems like Inside the f_open() function the  chk_mounted() function returns FR_DISK_ERR. But f_open function never comes out. As you can see the check1 passed and the check2 failed.


                  CyFXUartPrint (0, "CHECK1\r");

                 rc= f_open (&Fil,"0:file.bin" ,FA_WRITE|FA_CREATE_ALWAYS);

                  CyFXUartPrint (0, "CHECK2\r");


      How could I solve this problem?


      Thanks & Regards