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    PSOC5 Delta-Sigma ADC voltage offset at 0.0mV




      I'm trying to run a simple experiment using Delta-Sigma ADC on a CY8CKIT-059. For some reason, the ADC is measuring a constant offset of about 18mV.

      Even when I short ADC input to GND on the board, I still get 18mV offset. I tried the same experiment with a SAR ADC and it behaves correctly where 0.0V at the input produced ~0 counts at the output. What am I missing here?


      Thanks in advance, Boris.


      ADC Configuration:

      -Single ended

      - Single sample

      - 14-bit resolution

      - Conversion rate 1000

      - Input rage Vssa to 2.048V

      - Buffer Mode: Bypass

      - Reference: Internal 1.024Volts