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    -059 board and creator 4.1


      I have multiple projects using the -059 board and the usb/uart on it.

      During normal operation I am powering the main board but not the programmer. When I want

      to talk to it I connect the usb cable and while the driver appears active (comm port is there) I am unable to

      communicate until I press the reset button on the programmer portion. I do not want to do this because

      it resets all the stored data. Creator 4.1 has no problem communicating with it but it somehow resets it.

      I have tried using the push button thru a control port to toggle the reset pin on the uart with no success.


      The other question I have is how to keep Creator from 'generating' certain source programs and reloading the

      original source over my modified source programs. I enhanced the I2C lcd display programs to allow for turning

      the panel lighting off as well as setting other I2C address but every time I have to rebuild the project the files get

      overwritten and I have to play games to get them back.


      Any help would be appreciated,