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    I2C PSoC Master to TI DRV8830 Not Communicating


      I am trying to communicate to TI motor controller DRV8830 that uses I2C.  This is my first time using I2C so I really dont know if i have even set up my code properly.  I was hoping someone would look over my code to tell me if i and sending the data from I2C Master properly.  I have also include a scope shot of my I2C output.  For me i do not see the proper data sent out properly.  The address of the device is 0xC0 which I should get 11000000, but i see 9 bits sent not eight .... confused!!


      The data format to be sent from the TI data sheet is as follows

      As far as i understand it My Slave address is 0xC0h, my sub address is 0x00h, and my data for setting motor to 2.41 volts and forward motion is i believe is 0x79h.


      I wrote my code to send that information but i have had no results.


      Hoping some one can help me