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    psoc6 flash Addr




      why  debug  the  Flash Array  address  start  Sram address 0x08001400.    not  flash address 0x10000000?

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          The variable will only reside in flash when it is initialized together with the const declaration as:

          const uint8_t  myFlashVar = 255;

          or similarly with an array.



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            I think what Bob-san was saying is that if you write something like

            const uint8_t aFlashBufA[256] = { 0, 1, 2, ... , 255 } ;

            the address will be in the flash.


            But as you wrote the definition without initial values like

            const uint8_t aFlashBufA[256] ;

            the variable was moved to writable SRAM area so that initial(?) values can be written.



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