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    Configuring 39w Dual USb C-A Charger with EZ-PD Utility


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to configure my CCG3PA design (based on the 39 dual USB C-A car adapter reference design firmware) using the EZ-PD utility, but I'm unable to read the config from the device, open the supplied .cyacd file (in the reference design files), or update firmware. I am using the USBCEE PAT board, and am able to read device info for the PAT board AND my prototype charger board, but it always fails when I try to read the config from my board.


      I have already flashed the hex file using the PSoC programmer, and verified that multiple USB C and USB A charging profiles (like PD, QC2.0, etc.) work as-is. I just need to configure more profiles. Any ideas?