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    "Error: Vendor write to FX3 RAM failed" when trying to program FX3 via cyusb on Mac




      I've followed the instructions found in cyusb_mac_user_guide.pdf to build/install CyUSB Suite for Mac OS. I've gotten to the point where I can read/write data to the FX3:


      $ ./cybulk_writer 512

      The Endpoint address is 0x1

      Successfully transferred 512 bytes


      However, when trying to program the FX3, I am getting a "Vendor write to FX3 RAM failed":


      $ ./download_fx3 -i /Workspace/GpifToUsb/Debug/GpifToUsb.img -t RAM

      Error: Vendor write to FX3 RAM failed

      Error: Failed to download data to FX3 RAM

      Error: FX3 firmware programming failed


      I built the GpifToUsb example found in /cyfx3sdk/firmware/basic_examples/cyfxgpiftousb. Plugged the FX3 SuperSpped Explorer Kit via USB and the blue LED is continuously blinking. At that point, I try to flash the GpifToUsb.img file and get that error.


      Any suggestions?