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    How to use wiced_wifi_set_roam_trigger?


      Hi all,


      We have a few different products based on WICED 6.2 which are in various stages of production. In trying to deliver a seamless wifi experience for the end customer, we're exploring different options, and I came across the function wiced_wifi_set_roam_trigger. My question is, how do we properly use this roaming feature? The info for the function in the header file states that the "device will search for a new AP to connect to once the signal from the AP drops below the roam trigger level". But there are no usage examples -- how does the search for a new AP get kicked off, where does it occur, etc.? We currently have some application level logic which goes through the 5 saved wifi networks in the DCT one by one until a successful connection is established.


      Right now, we're simply following the apps.demo.temp_control example and setting the roam trigger to -99:

          /* Disable roaming to other access points */
          wiced_wifi_set_roam_trigger( -99 ); /* -99dBm ie. extremely low signal level */


      We would like to enable this feature and are looking for additional information. This same question was asked by a user in this thread https://community.cypress.com/thread/7742?start=0&tstart=0 a few years ago but with no response.


      Any guidance in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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          This thread said something about roaming .

          Re: CYW43907 roaming options

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            Thank you for sharing the link to that thread - I read through it, and while it provided some info about the options for using the roaming feature, it didn't give me an explanation of the roaming feature itself.


            Taking a specific example, let's say the device has SSID1 and SSID2 saved in its DCT, and that the device is connected to SSID1, with the roaming trigger set to -50dbm. If the device is moved out of range (<-50dbm) of SSID1 and into the range of SSID2 (>-50dbm), how is the reconnection handled? In what thread's context is the reconnection attempted? How is the success/failure of the reconnect reported back to the application?


            Our application uses five SSID/Passwords saved in the DCT - what is the best way to seamlessly transition between these five based on availability? Any examples or implementation suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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              copy some info from internet:

              How to setup seamless wireless roaming ? :: SG FAQ

              The simplest setup involves setting up multiple APs (or routers set as APs) of any brand, connecting them to the same WiFi network with the same DHCP server, same SSID, same security type (i.e. WPA2-AES, etc.), same passphrase, but different channels.


              seems your five SSIDs are not a roaming setting for the tests.

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                Thank you for your response - I better understand the concept of roaming now. I have gone ahead and set up multiple APs, all connected to the same DHCP server with same SSID, security type, and passphrase. I am working on ensuring they are all on different channels - but why is this a requirement? Most setups in the field have APs which dynamically switch channels all the time.


                What prints/callbacks can I enable in WICED in order to see the roaming trigger taking effect and working correctly? Ideally I would like to see that the wifi disassociation and re-association is happening correctly as I move the device between the different APs.