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    Enabling #define WPRINT_ENABLE_WWD_DEBUG breaks SDK

      I have a problem with the SDK (3.1.2)  behavior regarding the use of a soft ap and a udp socket as it breaks the wiced_scan_wifi_networks functionality.  So I enabled WPRINT_ENABLE_WWD_DEBUG to see what is happening and rebuilt my app.

      This breaks the ability of the soft ap to even start.  The following error is reported on the UART

      Could not turn on APSTA

      This is generated by the wwd_management_wifi_on() function, and it does not lie, the AP does not start.  Simply undefining the WPRINT_ENABLE_WWD_DEBUG lets the AP start.


      Seems simple enough to enable this definition so the internal prints would work, but there must be someplace in the code that the macro expansion breaks something critical.


      Has anyone see this and know how to fix it?