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    CYBT-213043 kit issue with battery powered application


      I am having problem with CYBT-213043 kits when powering from CR2032 slot. It works fine when battery voltage is above 2.9 V to 3.3 V (fresh battery).But when voltage drops below 2.9 volt, the bluetooth chip turns off and disconnects from mesh network.


      I have seen the datasheet, the BT chip should have a working voltage range of 1.8V to 3.6V. Why is this not working ? Is there any Brown Out Detection setting with the demo codes (couldn't find any) ?


      I am trying with the demo codes (Low power LED and On/Off Switch) provided with MODUS TOOLBOX 2.0, it works well with fresh batteries, but after few minutes when voltage drops below 2.9 v, it does not work. In my mesh there are 2 Lights and 2 Switches. I have tried with 1 slightly weak battery and 3 fresh batteries swapping among lights and switches. It's the same, device with the weak battery disconnects from the network after few minutes.


      Actually I am using 2 AA instead of CR2032, so leakage current should not be an issue, it's the voltage.

      Can anyone help ? My design requires "battery powered portable multiway mesh switch system", so I need the system to work down to 2.2 V.




                                         Fig: Powering from 2 AA instead of CR2032