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    Linear slider example with PSOC 4100S PIONEER KIT


      Hi i am using PSOC 4100S PIONEER KIT to implement and test a linear slider example. Please let me know if you know of any example that is developed for this particular kit. At present i am programming the device with linear slider example developed for 042 kit and i am changing the device from device selector in projects menu to my device i.e cy8c4146azis433 still it is not working. Please tell if i am doing any mistake.

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          Hi SHTR_4527601


          The code example that is mentioned will work for 4100S kit as well. Please make sure that the following are done:

          1. Pin Assignment - Please make sure that the pins are assigned correctly. You can choose the pins where the slider is connected under Design Wide Resources -> Pins. Make sure that the pins set in this tab match the pins connected to the slider in the kit.

          2. Slider hardware -  Since the 4100S kit does not include a slider with the kit, please make sure that an external slider sensor is attached to the kit.

          3. I2C connections - If the i2C pins are set correctly, you can run CapSense Tuner to check the status of the slider segments. You can do so by right clicking the component, and clicking on "Launch Tuner" option. Or you can select Tools->Component Tuners -> CapSense. Please connect to the kit and send a screecshot for further debug.


          Thanks and regards