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    Migrating from PSOC5 to PSOC6, with emFile


      We have a project, using a PSoC5LP based board that includes an SD card.  We are using PSoC Creator 4.2, and the included emFile component/library.


      There has been a discussion of upgrading the board to a new version using a PSoC6.  The PSoC5 is starting to feel constrained in its Flash and RAM with all that is being asked (Ethernet/Bacnet), and I would like to be able to migrate as much of the existing code base as possible to the new board, as easily as possible.  This may include switching from a SD card to eMMC.


      The sticking point is that emFile is not, from what I've seen, going to be supported on the PSoC6 in PSoC Creator.  Only in Modus Toolbox.  So I guess my question is, how difficult is it to migrate a large, complete system (with FreeRTOS / FreeRTOS+TCP / multiple i2c components / Ethernet Chip on SPI) from PSoC Creator to Modus Toolbox.  Or would I be better served in purchasing an up to date version of emFile from Segger (the one included in PSoC creator is very old, and the library is opaque)  and writing my own driver glue code, or is it not worth the trouble at all?



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          Hello Chris,


          emFile is still not available in ModusToolbox 2.0 (MTB). However, we have the SD Host Controller driver in MTB which provides the user an easy method for accessing standard Host Controller Interface (HCI) registers and provides some simple functionality on top of the HCI for reading and writing data to an SD card, eMMc card or a SDIO device.


          You can make use of this. FreeRTOS is available as a pre-built library. ModusToolbox doesn't use a component based schematic design like PSoC Creator. You need to make use of the device configurator to enable the required peripherals which will eventually generate files which can be used in firmware.


          Also, the migration may not be straightforward since the PSoC6 uses Peripheral Driver Library (PDL) APIs than the component APIs you use on PSoC5.


          I recommend undertstanding all about PSoC6 development in MTB and then beginning the migration. You can find the code examples here: GitHub - cypresssemiconductorco/Code-Examples-for-ModusToolbox-Software




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