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    CYW920719 Headset


      From the documentation snapshots, it appears there are headset example apps for the CYW920719 board in WICED. I am not finding them in my file structure -- have they been removed from the distribution?

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          Please refer to CYW20721 for headset applications. This is supported via ModusToolbox.

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            Is ModusToolbox going to be replacing WICED BT at some point?


            I'm coming back to WICED after evaluating it a year or so ago -- another project came up that it is applicable for.

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              Headset is an A2DP sink example, while CYW20719 supports only A2DP source. We do not have headset app available for CYW20719 in any customer release; we might have it in internal release for testing purpose.

              ModusToolbox will be supporting new chips like CYW20721, CYW20719B2. It will not replace older WICEd BT as such but newer chips won't be supported in WICED SDK further.

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                ModusToolbox (MT) is our latest SW development platform.  All new features, connectivity devices and many existing ones will be supported under MT moving forward.


                Have you reached out to the local Cypress sales and distribution team regarding the application you are working on as we have an excellent audio offering with our "Headset Pro" package under the 20721, but it's not broad market and requires some level of local interaction with the field to qualify.