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    Unable to get 24MHz with SPI




      I need to start the SPI at 400 kHz, and then to 24 MHz. However, I can only go to 12MHz.


      Clk_Peri = 96 MHz

      Clk_Slow = 48 MHz

      SPI_oversample = 4

      Clock_SPI_divider = 60 // 400 kHz


      In my code, I do some transactions at 400kHz, then I change the Clock_SPI_divider to 1, which should give me 24 MHz. However, I only measure 12MHz.


      Is there a limitation that any peripheral can only go to Clk_Peri / 2? If so, is the advertised 25MHz only available when oversampling = 2, which is only available when MISO is not used?