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    HX3 hub stays in suspend



      We have an issue with one of our product with the Apple multiport adapter (About the Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter - Apple Support).

      If our device is connected through USB 3.0 to that adapter to a MacMini Late 2014, when we shutdown the MacMini, wait 15 minutes and boot the MacMini, all of the USB devices connected to the HX3 hub do not appear to the system. We are running macOS Catalina and we were able to see the issue on Mojave.

      There is no problem if our device is connected directly to the back of the MacMini USB port.

      It seems to be a compatibility issue between the HX3 and the Apple adapter.

      Analyzing the USB traffic, we see that VBUS dissappear when computer shuts down and there is no more traffic. If we wait 15 minutes and we power up the computer, there is still no more traffic. The hub stays in suspend state. The only way to recover from the issue is to unplug USB cable from our device or the adapter and plug it back again. We see that the hub gets out of suspend and enumeration takes place.


      Do you have any idea what could cause the problem?

      Why this would happens after a specific period of time?




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          Here is the USB traffic taken before and after the issue.

          The log stops at transaction 2363952, where the computer shuts down.

          I started the computer after two minutes. As you can see there is no traffic at that time.

          At 5min:46sec I pressed the reset button on the HX3 EVK in order to revive devices and enumeration takes place.

          Any ideas what is happeningÉ




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            Hi Jerome,


            We weren't able to view the attached traces. Could you kindly send a screenshot from the part showing the reboot or attach the traces again?

            Please let us know the following-

            -Does HX3 (both 2.0 and 3.0) show up on the host after you boot up? Could you please check the VBUS _US pin?

            -Does any other device(on the HDMI port for example) connected to the adapter enumerate after you boot the host PC?

            -Does the issue occur if you use the adapter and HX3 with any other host?

            -Which HX3 EVK are you using?


            Best Regards,