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    PC can't transfer data with two Cypress devices


      Hello everyone,


      I have a problem. Could somebody help me?


      I want to transfer data between PC and Cypress device. The operating system is Ubuntu 16.04.

      I can send data to Cypress device and  receive response form it. I also need to keep receiveing data from Cypress device.

      When I just connect one Cypress device, it works fine. And If there is some problem with transfering data, I will close cypress device by function 'cyusb_close' and open again by function 'cyusb_open'. And I call this as reopen.


      But now I need to connect two or more Cypress devices. And I will transfer with them at the same time. So I create two threads. But if I reopen one device to solve some problem, another device will be closed. And sometimes, it will crash when it is transfer data.


      I don't know what happens. And I don't know the solution, either.

      So  could somebody give me some solutions or some advice.


      Thanks in advance!