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    CYW43012 wl tool problems


      My setting is Nxp MXRT1020 EVK + Murata Module (CYW43012) and wltool ver : 43012C0.


      interface is sdio.


      I want to use wake_timer. but i got followd error.


      PS C:\tools> .\wl.exe --serial 26 wake_timer 100 0xFFFF

      set_info_fe: remote cdc header return error code (-14)

      C:\tools\wl.exe: error -14


      Err -14 is BCME_BUFTOOSHORT.


      what's wrong? why was this message printed?

      Can cyw43012 not use this feature?




      follow is wl tool version information.


      PS C:\tools> .\wl.exe --serial 26 ver

      7/19/2017 build 0

      wl0: Mar 12 2019 23:54:57 version (r712270 WLTEST) FWID 01-8ffc67e7