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    Analog Coprocessor development path


      Is the CY8CKIT-048 still a viable development tool? I ask as it appears with 'obsolete' status on a lot of the online distributor pages. Additionally, the kit's page claims it is not supported as of PSoC Creator v4.2 (though I could at least get the package installed and "CE211252_Ambient_Light_Sensing" built in 4.2).


      Presumable the CY8C4A product range support is not going to be abandoned. The active development seems to be lagging behind the other PSoC 4 chips.
      The UAB feature is very attractive. I'm hoping to see how it may work as an analog filter with run-time adjust-ability.

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          Hi LaMc_2086591

          Thank you for your interest in our PSoC Analog Coprocessor solution!  I also agree with you that the Programmable Universal Analog Block (UAB) feature is very attractive and interesting. That said, it's also very complex and while we have a long list of ideas about how to use this UAB to solve various design challenges, we have chosen to prioritize our development efforts on a few other products before coming back to the UAB and our PSoC Analog Coprocessor family.  The available CY8C4Ax devices are in production today and fully supported.  If you have any other questions about this family or when you start working on leveraging this solution as an analog filter in your design, please let us know!  Thanks! Jim

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            Thank you for the response. I'll continue my plan to develop for UAB and this family with CY8CKIT-048