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    Regarding the swing setting of 0.9V






      Regarding the above community Link, there is a answer below.


      >CyU3PUsbSetTxSwing API sets the Tx amplitude used by FX3 on the USB 3.0 interface.

      >Please use this API with caution. The device has only been tested to work properly under the default swing setting of 0.9V (swing value set to 90).

      >This API is expected to be called before calling the CyU3PConnectState() API to enable USB connections. (swing TX Amplitude swing in 10 mV units. Should be >less than 1.28V)


      Qestion)  Where is this 0.9V measured result? I think it is an IC output pin, but is it correct? Or is it the end of the USB cable (= HOST side)?


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