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    some questions about mesh_provision_client application



         I download the mesh_provision_client firmware to my CYW920735Q60EVB-01 board , and use mesh client control to create a network and a  bt mesh device has been

        added into the created network. so  the added device can be controled by the mesh client control. for example on/off control, now  I  want to create a scene for the device  using the mesh client control.  but  store a scene for the device, and  change the light's  on/off status, when I  recall the  scene I have  created. the mesh client control  print  some messages:

        store scene:1

      scene recall : 1

      scene from: 2 appkey: 1 elements: 206  status:11 current: 56576 target: 65343 remaining time: 33578751


      however  the  light's  status have no effects, the  scene stores  the  light's on status, when I  recall the scene, the light has not been turned on!


      vice versa!