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    Adding Kits to Project Creator (or Modus Toolbox)


      I'm using ModusToolbox 2.0. I've tried running ProjectCreator and creating a new application in the ModusToolbox IDE. In both cases, my kit is missing but I see it listed in the ProjectCreator documentation on page 2, namely, CYW943012P6EVB-01. How do I add it to my ProjectCreator?


      More generally, is there a way to create a kit template for a board with a desired MCU and Connectivity Device?


      I tried ModusToolbox 1.1 and found the option to create a CustomApp which gave me more control over what I was putting together. I saw a video tutorial (Welcome to ModusToolbox: #1 Creating New Applications - YouTube ) showing an option for a CustomApp when creating an Application which looked different from what I saw in 1.1 and 2.0 doesn't have a custom app option at all. Does ModusToolbox 2.0 support custom apps?