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    Correct assignment of Port connections: Cmod and Shield


      Hi everybody,


      I'm using CY8CKIT-145 for my project, connecting the Cypress board to a PCB sensor with a back shield.

      I have found a mismatch in the assignment of Cmod and Shield ports. When I activate the shield, it is automatically assigned to P4[0] with Cmod to P4[1]:

      I find confirmation of this also in the schematic of the board available online:

      But if I look into the port options I see that Cmod should be connected to P4[2], shield to P4[1] and that P4[0] should be connected to an external Vref:


      The result is that the automatic assignment seems to be wrong:

      So is the error in the code (and so the automatic assignment is correct) or in the schematic of the board? What are the correct ports to connect Cmod, Shield and Sensor?