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    After Successful PD Negotiation CCG3PA is not responding for Get Sink Capabilities message from the DUT




      We are using CCG3PA PD module in our design. and we are facing issue when DUT initiates Get Sink Capabilities, CCG3PA i unable to respond with GoodCRC.


      After Successful PD negotiation with PDO-1, We configured CCG3PA to request for the 2nd PDO, and CCG3PA is able to request the next PDO whatever we configured.

      regarding initiating the request message we had a discussion in the below thread and we are able achieve whatever we required.

      CY4532 EVK, Initiating PD Data message from CCG3PA


      And Now with one DUT we are facing an issue with CCG3PA that, after requesting for 2nd PDO, after successful PD negotiation, DUT is initiating GetSinkCapability message but CCG3PA is not responding for this Get Sink Capability.


      I have attached screen shot for working Capture (Default PDO request), and Non-working capture (2nd PDO request). I have attached waveform also, for decoding the waveform you can use GRL application from the  link : https://graniteriverlabs.com/download-center/#GRL-USB-PD-A1


      1. 1st Case: Default PDO Request  (Working Condition)



      2. 2nd Case : behavior of CCG3PA after PDO 2 PD contract (Not Working)


      Quick response is appreciated.


      Thanks & Best Regards