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    External Clock



      I'm considering using the PSOC5LP in my design.

      One of the requirements is clock synchronization, i.e. I need to apply an external clock into the PSOC (and other devices) from external external PLL device.

      I saw that there is an option to apply an external XTAL ('MHzECO').

      Is it posiible to apply just a Clock signal (say LVDS/LVPECL logic level), without using a XTAL?



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          In short, the answer is YES.


          In order to use an external clock as an input source, you need to:

          • Allocate an input pin to use on the TopDesign.  Give it a net name such as "ext_clk"

          • Open the DWR with the Clocks Tab and Edit Clock...

          • Select the following in this order shown in the pic below.

          I hope this helps.