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      Dear members


      I will use tCYUSB3610 between AP Chip set USB Port and CYSYB3610.


      Q1) I can't assign D+/D- from AP to CYUSB3610.

            Can I use CYUSB 3601 to converter from USB to gigabit ethernet if CYUSB3610 DP/DM Pin is no connection Pin? 


      Q2) Becaus of board don't use USB Connector , VBUS will be supplied to 5V using LDO.

             Is there no problem?


      I am waiting opinios.



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          1.) It is not possible to use CYUSB3610 without a DP/DM connection.


          2.) Does this mean that you will take off the USB Port off the GX3 board and then supply with 5V?


          Can you please elaborate your application?




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            Deart Yaswantk

            Thank you for your answers.


            1.) It is not possible to use CYUSB3610 without a DP/DM connection  : OK


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              Apologies, but the explanation to the above answer is as follows:

              1.) You can use CYUSB3610 only on a USB 3.0 connection but it could lead to a problematic scenario where, if the USB 3.0 connection fails, the device won't be able to fallback to USB2.0 and the only resolution would be to restart the application processor in order to reset the GX3 device.

                   Also, another problem would be with the USB-IF compliance: If you plan on taking the compliance tests on the device, they would fail as every 3.0 device should be back-wards compatible and be able to fully support USB 2.0 in order to pass the compliance tests.

                   Also, if you are using a HUB in between the GX3 and the AP and are planning for a shared USB link with the GX3, you will need to make sure that the HUB supports the required shared link properties of the devices.


              SHARED LINK: The process in which a USB connection is split into USB 3.0 PHY and USB 2.0 PHY and both of these are connected to 2 separate devices with respective speeds and both can work at the simultaneously.


              2.) You can use an external LDO to provide 5V to VBUS. But, the LDO should power up as soon as the application processor powers up because, if the LDO provides power to GX3 with some delay where the AP has booted up, loaded the drivers and checking for any terminations on the USB 3.0 port and finds that the device is connected, the USB 3.0 PHY in GX3 will not be powered up by then and so would lead to another error state requiring a restart of the AP everytime.

                   So, the LDO should power up the GX3 as soon as AP receives power to keep the USB 3.0 PHY powered up and ready for transactions.



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