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    CYW43907EK adc project example


      While trying with adc example using potentiometer I come across some errors. I will attach a screenshot here. Please help me to rectify this.

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          Can you please update the gedday_add_service() function in adc_measure.c code to gedday_add_service( "adc_measurement web server", "_http._tcp.local", 80, "" ); and give a try.


          In the function, gedday_add_service( "adc_measurement web server", "_http._tcp.local", 80, 300, "" ); 80 is the port number and 300 is the TTL(Time to Leave) parameter. WICED Studio 6.4 doesn't allow TTL parameter. So, please remove the TTL parameter in the gedday_add_service() function if you're using WICED Studio 6.4 version.