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    FX3 with USB3 redriver


      I have designed an adapter board with a TI TUSB1002 redriver on compensate for channel loss across the adapter board and eventually an attached passive USB3 protocol analyzer (Totalphase Beagle 5000) in line with the host PC. Even without the analyzer attached, the FX3 SS explorer kit will not connect at 3.0 speeds. The redriver board works with other USB3 devices like a flash drive If I place a hub in-between the adapter and the FX3 then the device enumerates at 3.0 speed. Are there any issues using the FX3 with USB redrivers? The TUSB1002 is configured for RX detect in USB3 mode.

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          When FX3 SS Explorer kit is connected in USB Boot mode (J4 jumper in place) to a Host it enumerates as a Boot loader device which is 2.0

          Please check if this is the problem. If yes, then you can program a (super speed) firmware into the EEPROM on SS Explorer kit, then remove the J4 jumper. This when connected to a Host enumerates as 3.0 device.




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            Yes, J4 is removed. The preprogrammed demo firmware enumerates at 3.0 speed--blue LED flashing quickly--when plugged into a USB port without the redriver, but the LED stays solid when the redriver board is used.