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    What LCD screen to use with a psoc 5lp-059 to create an LCD oscilliscope?


      Good Afternoon, I'm trying to create an LCD oscilloscope using the psoc 5lp-059 for a class project. I'm looking for an LCD screen to utilize. I was told that a Hitachi 44780 would work well with the psoc set up. I would like to make an oscilloscope that receives a signal and then sample it to recreate the signal on the LCD screen. Basically I'm trying to create a do it yourself solder oscilloscope kit, but the main cognitive component would be the psoc. Any advice to where would I start? I was looking at the data sheets and was thinking of using ADC del sig to sample the store the data in a register. Then utilize a DMA to create a ping pong buffer then send that data out to a pin to run the LCD screen. Would this be a correct way to approach it?