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    CyLibraryInit / Exit in windows?


      Hey Folks,


      I am a junior engineer, so be patient with me.


      We wrote some Code (c/c++), which activates 3 Leds in different states: (blue, red, off). Just to test if they are working.


      This code works pretty well in Linux, while Windows (VS 2019) giving me some Linkingerrors.


      So the only Errors left now, are caused by CyLibraryInit() and CyLibraryExit(). Their information is saying, that those calls are just used for Linux and Mac.


      The correct Header is included and the .dll is linked too. Other Codes (without those calls) are working fine.


      Is there an equivalent for this calls in windows?

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          Please confirm if you are using the cyusbserial.dll library for your application code with USB-Serial device.

          The CyLibraryInit() and CylLibraryExit() functions are used to initialize and free the libusb library when used in Linux or Mac OS. For Windows, they arent required since we are using our own library for the APIs.


          Best Regards,