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    Writing to S29GL064S slower than S29GL064N


      We have recently tested the S29GL064S70TFI070 flash memory device as a drop-in, pin-compatible replacement for the S29GL064N90TFI070 which has now become obsolete.


      We are finding that while the programming of the device and any subsequent reads/writes are successful, writing to the device takes significantly longer than on the obsolete device.

      (A write of 300 bytes can take approx. 1.5 seconds on the old device, and 2.7 seconds on the new device)


      We are surprised by this as the datasheets indicate that the new device has a 70ns access time compared to 90ns for the obsolete device – so we were expecting the writes to be a little faster if anything.


      I have read application note “AN220470 – Migration from GL064N to GL064S” and it indicates that the devices should be compatible from a software perspective and I can’t see anything obvious that we need to modify to achieve comparable performance from the two devices.


      Do you have an recommendations or advice that might help us achieve the same (or better) performance from the S29GL064S device?