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    How to data between Windows 10 and EZ Serial (CyBLE-013025-00) module



      I am trying to establish a serial connection between either a computer (Windows 10) or between two CyBLE-013025-00 modules. I have gone through the cable replacement example (section 3.2 of the document "EZ-Serial WICED BLE Firmware Platform User Guide",https://www.cypress.com/file/408286/download  ), in fact there is no example, only showing the messages during the connection process. I connected the module to a PC (Windows 10) and the device immediately get disconnected with a reason 0x913, see the messages below:


      I was expecting something like a new comport, but nothing happens. The device manager shows a new bluetooth device.

      Is there any program to send data over this?


      For connecting between two CyBLE-013025-00 modules, the document advises to use WICED SMART to develop a program, but no further information.